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Client Buying Profiles

understand client buying profiles


Kernis operate our own online contact relationship management application. Our CRM is used to build a comprehensive and accurate lead generation database for sales campaigns. We audit and proof your data and then upload to our live system to process your sales campaigns
As part of engaging with Kernis we take responsibility for the quality of your marketing database. We ensure sales leads are categorised in line with your sales strategy and are accurate with the decision maker identified.

Our processes ensure that you data is up to date and representative of your client. Sales opportunities are recorded and tracked live and available to our clients online all the time.
oppOrtunities identified
appointments made
database proofing
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Your sales team are your company ambassadors, make sure they stay that way by being given the correct resources to do their jobs. Where are your enquiries coming from? Do you monitor your enquiries and determine what is working and what is not for your company? All these things are wasting valuable resources and in turn NOT increasing your bottom line.  Let us help you create more sales appointments. 


We will drive sales through a concentrated programme of timed sales activity. We design, deliver, refine and report on our progress with live reporting via our Sales CRM System.





We will help you understand your client base and their buying triggers then work with you to develop a route to maximize sales via training, lead generation and telesales activities.