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Kernis provide a comprehensive range of sales skills to help you drive growth and revenue for your business. From developing a sales strategy, to designing pin point training for your sales staff you can be assured of our commitment to supporting your company as it builds strong and reliable sales processes around a well defined client base.

Nothing builds confidence with staff than understanding where they fit into the bigger picture. We will engage with your staff and build a sales strategy which it is clearly agreed with the frontline teams and aligns with the managements expectations.


We will drive sales through a concentrated programme of timed sales activity. We design, deliver, refine and report on our progress with live reporting via our Sales CRM System.



Lead Generation

We will work with you to source new revenue streams, design a Sales Lead Generation campaign and deliver this campaign through to securing sales appointments for your Team.



The sales industry is a fast paced world and we understand the importance of keeping up to date with the newest strategies and methods. We offer complete uniquely tailored solutions for any business from sales training with front line staff to designing campaigns with management.
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Telesales strategies


Our telesales strategies are more than just phoning prospective clients, we carefully build relationships with prospects through our non-scripted engaging conversations. By approaching prospects in such a way we increase the likelihood of sales, while also building trust for your brand.


sales staff training

We provide industry class sales training using our own original and motivational methods to provide your staff with the abilities they require to make sales. We aim to get your staff to a point where to can progress their sales skills on their own providing better sales results for your company. 

Sales Staff Training


Our strength is our ability to work and report live and be able to respond quickly when a particular sales strategy is mis-aligned. Our monitoring of the project allows us to refine the strategy to take on board new goals and targets.

sales process monitoring

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A vital element of any sales strategy is gauging response from prospective clients, by monitoring the procedure from start to finish we provide useful reporting regarding sales. Using this information we can strive to make campaigns more effective by seeing areas that work, and areas that could use improvement.